A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A simple warioware-esque game comprised of minigames where you act as a deus ex machina, made for the Github Game Off 2022! 3 minigames included, but more may be added in future games.

Github repository: https://github.com/Slaith12/GithubGameoff2022

Cliche: Deus Ex Machina


Stop Mary from turning on discord light mode!

Stop criminals by dropping a piano on them!

Stop a vending machine from tipping over and falling over on Mary by blowing it away with fans!

And more are in development!

Click on objects to drag them around


Deus Ex Machina Windows.zip 25 MB
Deus Ex Machina Mac.zip 34 MB
Deus Ex Machina Linux.zip 39 MB

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